The dice from the party game: FrankenDie.

The PARTY starts with a roll of the DICE

Players take turns rolling the dice and looking for a set to call out (e.g., "3 Brains!" ).

The graveyard from the party game: FrankenDie.

Then it's a MAD DASH to the Graveyard

Be the first or second player to correctly call out a set and place your hand on the graveyard.

Sample tokens from the party game: FrankenDie.

It ends with a STASH of all BODY PARTS

Get all the body parts needed to make a Creature, then call out a set of lightning to bring it to life!


A family-friendly party game that brings parties to life!

FrankenDie is a fast-paced, reflex party game for the whole family! Combining the tactile nature of dice rolling, the excitement of a "first to buzz in" mechanism, and pattern recognition that is sure to exercise your brain, FrankenDie will bring your party or game-night to life!

Frank, the "mascot" of the party game: FrankenDie. Mad Scientists from the party game: FrankenDie.

Unleash Your Inner Mad Scientist!

You are a Mad Scientist competing to be the first to assemble a Creature from serviceable body parts scavenged from the graveyard. Once your Creature has a head, body, two arms, two legs and the all-important brain, it's time to re-animate it with a charge of lightning and a cry of... "It's Aliiiiiive!"

Each round, once the dice are rolled, call out the number of brains that turn up before anyone else, and you'll have a nice, lightly used brain to take back to your lab. Repeat, in any order, until you have all the parts you need to create your new "best friend". And contrary to popular belief, you can get a head without a brain — just don't forget that lightning is the last item on the Mad Scientist's Checklist.

So shake a leg and get the arms race started!